Delays are good...

Well, upto a point, all I see is whining "2008 for beta, argh, Why can't I play GW2 now.

Stop being impatient

This is a new game, not just a chapter. They have stuff to design, and they need time to update the engine, bug test, essentially create a brand new game. Otherwise what are we going to do? We will turn around and said, "GW2 sux" and go back to GW.

There is too long a gap, but that was unavoidable as Arenanet needed to rush out Eye after the leak back last year. (That's what I believe anyway) IMO we wouldn't be seeing new content until a while later to prepare a staged release before GW2.

So, Don't be surprised if it is delayed... Jst not to long plz anet????

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