WHAT??? I'm still here?

I know, shocking isn't it. Hello



I have quit GW and stated EQ2, Why? I havn't a clue, needed a change of pace. I may use this blog as more of a "whatever comes to mind thing." I don't know. Update soon? Probably!


Delays are good...

Well, upto a point, all I see is whining "2008 for beta, argh, Why can't I play GW2 now.

Stop being impatient

This is a new game, not just a chapter. They have stuff to design, and they need time to update the engine, bug test, essentially create a brand new game. Otherwise what are we going to do? We will turn around and said, "GW2 sux" and go back to GW.

There is too long a gap, but that was unavoidable as Arenanet needed to rush out Eye after the leak back last year. (That's what I believe anyway) IMO we wouldn't be seeing new content until a while later to prepare a staged release before GW2.

So, Don't be surprised if it is delayed... Jst not to long plz anet????


GW2W has taken over my blog on Google

Well, GuildWars2wiki overtook my blog, When you googled gw2w, the first result was this site, now it's not. :( Anyway, I'll keep hoping!


It's 2008

Write something! Quick.

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A joyous wintersday

To you all!
From me! Because there's noone else here.