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Your faction farming guild may be at risk...

Friday’s update contained something interesting it: combined the faction transfer and faction rewards NPC. And it also allowed faction converted into jadeite to benefit the Luxon/ Kurzick donation title tracks. This could mean the end to unforced faction farming. Think about it, why do you faction farm? Is it because your guild announcement states “Get 5K a day or you’ll get kicked”, or is it because it’s the only way you can get the title. People would want money. So if you have faction farmers, they’ll want the money. Even if it’s only 100g per 1K faction (which was the trader price when I last exchanged some after the update). So you might want to rethink your faction farming strategy, or you may loose Cavalon. (note: after post was typed, there was an update:

  • Using the "Raise Alliance reputation" option with the Kurzick/Luxon faction reward NPCs now gives 10,000 points toward the corresponding title track. The cost is still 5,000 faction points, and the reputation gained by the alliance is still 5,000.
So whatever I said now does not apply)

Another thing about this update is that they’ve added the new Sunspear and kurzick/ Luxon skills. This has had an affect on all PvE dervishes, because on the Sunspear skill, whenever it ends, it recharges all dervish skills (including avatar skills). So expect farming builds, or more likely. A nerf.

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What I want/ don’t want to see in GWII.

Hey guys (if anyone’s reading this). With the announcement of GWII I’m concerned on the welfare of both games. Hopefully most of you will agree to these points. I’m trying to get leet back together again, so check back often.

What I want/ don’t want to see in GWII.

I use GWI to represent Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall.

I use GWII to represent Guild Wars 2.

But if you can’t figure that out you probably shouldn’t be reading this…

I want to see:

I want to hate the Charr

I don’t want to see them turn into a goody-goody race that goes around making friends with the humans and swapping red-iris flowers. I want to hate them like I hated them in GWI, where we saw a beautifully designed, really polished land at the start, and then it was destroyed and replaced by this barren wasteland. That’s what makes it possible to just spend half an hour in an *exploraible* area with no quests just killing them.

Map travel

I hope they don’t eliminate this, but if there making it into a traditional MMO they might, so on the safe side I just put this in. Because I know that if they don’t put map travel in, then there will have to be a huge reason for me to play. There would be no “hey can anyone help me with Elona Reach?” Because that would mean a long trek to the desert which would mean that you wouldn’t be able to get guildies for missions anymore. Come to think of it…

Keep the old mission and bonus system

You know, the one from Prophecies, the one we know and love, I really want Arena Net to bring this back although thinking about it, if they go on there “traditional MMO” stand then missions may go completely.

Keep it fresh

If GWII is a WoW clone, I won’t be buying it. The reason we bought GWI in the first place was that it had no monthly fees, and it was groundbreaking. If GWII turns into a WoW clone then we can just go and play GWI again, that’s the thing with no subs, if we don’t like it, we will just go away. If they put some cool new ideas into it, then it should sell it to the fans.

Make PvP proper PvP

The way GWII is headed, it seems like it’s not going to be skill based, this sounds bad for PvPers, they play GWI for PvP as it’s skill based, they create builds, if Arena Net makes up this new PvP system witch is gear based that means a PvP player must get up to level cap on PvE, then Grind for hours to get his gear set, and finaly play, and if you want to play a different class? Well on GWI it was a case of just deleting a PvP slot, and creating a new one with a different class. The fix, a PvP system that feels like the old one, not tacked on, but one that looks like the game was designed while the PvP system was designed (see other MMOs on how to do badly) *cough* World Of Warcraft *cough*

A Browser

A Browser in the game would be a good idea, if we didn’t have to minimise to visit GuildWiki, then a lot of the game’s moments when someone has to look something up would disappear. When I say a Browser, I mean a Browser, not Internet Explorer but Firefox or Opera. Also if you need to check an email, you won’t need to be out of the game so long, and that can only be a good thing.

VOIP built in

Again, for convenience, I’d just like to press F8 or something, and a TS box comes up asking me for an IP to connect to, then you could just type it in, and connect to the Guild’s Teamspeak server. Same thing with vent, or I’ll get flamed with “Oh you didn’t mention Vent”. Yes I have both on my PC.

I don’t want to see:

Direct X 10 compatibility to be a must

I don’t want to have to upgrade to Vista to play GWII, XP’s fine. Give us DX9 Support too.

High/ infinite level cap:

When I saw this in the magazine I wanted to take a flight to Arena Net headquarters with a semi-automatic rifle and start killing everyone who works there (luckily, I didn’t have a gun, or much money.) What it was put down was “Guild Wars fans like it because they don’t have to pay sub fees. They don’t mind if the game is all grind, or skill based, so were going to make it grind central.

GWI Gathering dust

Arena Net need to improve GWI for the people who don’t make the switch, there will be some, no matter how well marketed GWII is. Look at EQ and EQ2 if you don’t believe me, there is an insane amount of new content to get through if you want to start playing any of those old games. So a few new expansions, with perhaps an extra couple of missions and a few zones (and some skills) etc… On the same note:

Keep updating/patching GWI

I don’t want GWI to turn into a “one build beats all” kind of game. Arena Net Should keep updating GWI as long as people still play it. Yes that includes nerfing “your build”. If we didn’t have these patches, wouldn’t we still see the same builds again and again, this would mean that in time, everyone would know them, meaning that everyone would have lots of money, and that would corrupt the economy (especially as armour prices are always the same. Destroying the game. Again, this is one of the things I’m most worried about, if there are no updates to GWI then Arena Net may close it, as it’s not making them any money. This is why we need expansions (notice how I didn’t say chapters. It is my belief that GWI doesn’t need more chapters as we already have 3 starting points for the game. The new players have plenty to go through. Although if you expand High Level content, then the people who play the game already will have stuff to do no matter what they play.)


The reason I like GWI, and recommend it to people, is that there’s not much grind, if grind appears, I may not want to recommend GW to anyone anymore.