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Hey guys, the last post I did was completely wrong. Please send me hate mail at What's actually happening is, exactly as the article on the website "the informer" said. Guild wars is getting an expansion pack, Eye of the north (named by some players as GW: EN). Guild Wars will then stop having campaigns realicied, and go onto something called Guild Wars 2. Guild Wars 2 will apparently abandon click to move, and other features. There has been talk of a level cap of 100, or an infinite level cap. There will be the ability to "jump, slip and slide. Click to move will be removed.

You can also play as four new races You will not be able to transfer characters from GW1 to GW2. GW: EN will apparently have a "hall of monuments" that will transfer something, but no one knows what this will be yet. As for dates, GW: EN will come out "sometime late in 2007", and we've been told to expect it "in the holidays", I'll take a guess at October, so that it can be bought in time for Christmas. It will not be stand alone, you will need one campaign on your account to play. We can expect a GW2 beta in 2008, so they must be quite a bit of the way through it.

Shawn from has loads more info, as he managed to get an interview with someone from PC gamer magazine, that's running an article on it. So check that out. Guild cast comes out as a podcast every two weeks, and it's worth a listen. There's also an article and a press realicie on linked on the main page, so there should be no problems finding that.

So what are my views on all this? Well, I've been thinking this over. At first I'm shocked, Guild Wars was going so well. We didn't need an upgrade. Lots of MMO companies have been broken from not getting the sequel right, GW1 will be still here, I bet that many people will not play GW2 because they can't be bothered, or don't feel like getting a new game. I would like to make myself a Charr. My biggest problem is the GW1 online store, ever bought anything from that, you brought this because you could use them in all your guild wars campaigns, well with GW2, all your purchases will be gone. I don't really think that guild wars needs an update, we're happy with what we've got. On the other hand, I fully support Arena Net and whatever there doing.

I was going to talk about map travel today, so this part will be my thoughts on map travel. I really like map travel, it makes the world easier to get around, and it means that you don't have to walk all the way to one point, only have someone say they'd like to do a mission and you having to walk all the way back. There would need to be some kind of fast travel for this game to work. There are a few problems, when you map travel, the world is much smaller, and that means that you loose some of the "massive" part of the massively multiplayer online game. Also, if you can boat travel between continents why don't you go the whole way and have a little drop down menu at the top left of the screen, this menu could have the continents listed, you click the content you want, and the map for that continent appears (assuming you have unlocked travel to that contentment). I currently don't usually use boat travel that often because of the number of jumps it takes to get you to the continent you need. So that's a feature that should be in the game.



I have a theory. Prophicies came out, there were 2 major updates for it, then Factions came out after a year. When Factions came out, it lasted 6 months and there were no major updayes for it.

With Nightfall, is this the same thing? Will we get 2 major updates and then another game in October. It seems like that, perhaps this is the cycle. We've already had the first major update, the Domain of Anguish and the challenge mission. If you think clearly, you already know what the second will be, Hard Mode.

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Low Speed FTW:

Hey, I'm randomtime, and I play Guild Wars. This going to be some rants about this and that, and mainly just stuff that you probably don't need to know...

I'll start off talking about my internet connection, I'm on broadband, and I regularly get dowloads at 36KBPS (killabites per second - That's 56 times as low as my promiced 2GB cap, and slower than dial up), Although to be fair, that's in the evenings, it sometimes gets up to 100KBPS in the mornings. My all time low was downloading a patch for GW at 1KBPS, I just shut down and played rise of nations for half an hour.

Normaly, this dosn't affect my play too much, as long as I'm not running Teamspeak I can play the game fine. I may get some lag at the start of an alliance battle, but that may be my shoddy 512 MB of ram. I'm constantly using lots more memory than that, but again I can still play Guild Wars. When my guild leader plays ABs it looks like he's leaching half the time. He can normaly be found in the hall talking.

So that's my internet connection for you, I hope you enjoyed hearing my woes, I'll be back soon with more of my game stories, I'll probably do something about the game, not about the tech next time, but we'll see. Oh, one more thing, Anet has started there own wiki, if you know anything about guild wiki ( ) then you probably know that it's a valuble sorce of information about the game, I've started writing a bit for the wiki, but at the moment I think guild wiki is better. I hope Anet won't moderate the official wiki too much, because then it would just be corpate informaiton. Check it out at

There's an exclusive weekend coming, you get free entry to UW and FOW, just take your ascented charcters to a statue of Grenth (for UW) or Balthazar (for FOW). You don't need favor, (which is good because America usualy has favor when I play and I'm English).

If you like this, leave a comment or send me a Whisp in game, as Omg Bananas. My Xfire is randomtime, and you can get my guild wiki page at or email me at:

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