Back, supprised? I am!


A lot has been happening the last few weeks - I've started Factions again - after not playing for so long. I'd like to discuss why I don't like it as well as reasons. So just a few off my head:

1. Leveling curve: It's too fast you get to lvl 20 quickly facing lvl 20 mobs when you still have low armour from just starting out. Not good for newer players, who probably don't know where to look for skill point quests as well.

2. The count's daughter: A stuck up teenager, all I have to say!

3. One step behind: You always seem one step behind - and only one step behind Shiro. For example - the mission where you have to save Visu, you are one step behind him as you have not been able to stop him binding other sprits, but you are conveniatly 10 mins before Visu will be bound!

4. The fortune teller's animation: Someone needs to be shot for her animation in the end cinimatic for Temple mission.

5. Again with the Temple mission (don't ask me to spell the name at the front it's a nightmare) you have all this backstory for the 8 sprits you freed at there shrines - but noone will realy read it. In the mission there's a time limit and after the mission it's just dead boring to go back there and view the backstory. (I've just done masters on that misssion so that's why I'm ranty on that)

6. Assending, Weh Nu Soo (which sounds like a brand of noodles to me) or closer to the stars: It's not as good as the doppleganger - sorry.

7. People who look like gwen so we are simpathetic: If you look, I've seen one last night, there are little girls looking like GWEN in pre. Sorry - dosn't work.

There are loads more - so i'll update soon!