Your faction farming guild may be at risk...

Friday’s update contained something interesting it: combined the faction transfer and faction rewards NPC. And it also allowed faction converted into jadeite to benefit the Luxon/ Kurzick donation title tracks. This could mean the end to unforced faction farming. Think about it, why do you faction farm? Is it because your guild announcement states “Get 5K a day or you’ll get kicked”, or is it because it’s the only way you can get the title. People would want money. So if you have faction farmers, they’ll want the money. Even if it’s only 100g per 1K faction (which was the trader price when I last exchanged some after the update). So you might want to rethink your faction farming strategy, or you may loose Cavalon. (note: after post was typed, there was an update:

  • Using the "Raise Alliance reputation" option with the Kurzick/Luxon faction reward NPCs now gives 10,000 points toward the corresponding title track. The cost is still 5,000 faction points, and the reputation gained by the alliance is still 5,000.
So whatever I said now does not apply)

Another thing about this update is that they’ve added the new Sunspear and kurzick/ Luxon skills. This has had an affect on all PvE dervishes, because on the Sunspear skill, whenever it ends, it recharges all dervish skills (including avatar skills). So expect farming builds, or more likely. A nerf.

See you later



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