Low Speed FTW:

Hey, I'm randomtime, and I play Guild Wars. This going to be some rants about this and that, and mainly just stuff that you probably don't need to know...

I'll start off talking about my internet connection, I'm on broadband, and I regularly get dowloads at 36KBPS (killabites per second - That's 56 times as low as my promiced 2GB cap, and slower than dial up), Although to be fair, that's in the evenings, it sometimes gets up to 100KBPS in the mornings. My all time low was downloading a patch for GW at 1KBPS, I just shut down and played rise of nations for half an hour.

Normaly, this dosn't affect my play too much, as long as I'm not running Teamspeak I can play the game fine. I may get some lag at the start of an alliance battle, but that may be my shoddy 512 MB of ram. I'm constantly using lots more memory than that, but again I can still play Guild Wars. When my guild leader plays ABs it looks like he's leaching half the time. He can normaly be found in the hall talking.

So that's my internet connection for you, I hope you enjoyed hearing my woes, I'll be back soon with more of my game stories, I'll probably do something about the game, not about the tech next time, but we'll see. Oh, one more thing, Anet has started there own wiki, if you know anything about guild wiki ( http://gw.gamewikis.org ) then you probably know that it's a valuble sorce of information about the game, I've started writing a bit for the wiki, but at the moment I think guild wiki is better. I hope Anet won't moderate the official wiki too much, because then it would just be corpate informaiton. Check it out at http://wiki.guildwars.com

There's an exclusive weekend coming, you get free entry to UW and FOW, just take your ascented charcters to a statue of Grenth (for UW) or Balthazar (for FOW). You don't need favor, (which is good because America usualy has favor when I play and I'm English).

If you like this, leave a comment or send me a Whisp in game, as Omg Bananas. My Xfire is randomtime, and you can get my guild wiki page at http://gw.gamewikis.org/wiki/user:randomtime/ or email me at: randomtime1@gmail.com

Bye for now.


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